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Spike: Chapter 7
Cemetery, 1:42 AM
Time was passing quickly for the two adventurers. They no longer needed to worry too much about the dangers, as Spike had gotten used to the world. It had defaulted to actually asking one another about their respective worlds. Now, I could tell you all about Spike, but there's nothing about him that you don't already know. Except maybe that time he held a house party when Twilight wasn't around. We will simply say it did not end well.
As for Larry, there was a reason he knew the Cemetery like the back of his hand. Reason? He had heard of it before. Tech and Ronnie knew a bit about here, too, but Larry was more versed with here and the rest of the Media Dimension. They knew the last being who was captured and trapped here. "Truthfully, I didn't think we'd ever be coming back. Guess I was wrong there, too," the ghost commented. What surprised Larry was that everything was exactly as it had been so long ago. All the fly coins, all of the enemies, and even the remotes. Sp
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Spike: Chapter 6
Cemetery, 1:30 AM
Larry sat on another Coffin TV, recently powered up by Spike's remote. "Rude, much? Didn't even thank me for finding that coffin."
"Maybe it's because you knew it'd shoot me that high in the sky? AND you knew where I'd land?"
"I had no idea, actually. Usually, coffins are small boosters. As for the landing area, that was a lucky guess."
"Yeah, yeah..." Spike approached the TV, ready to enter another area of the Cemetery. Before he did, though, he looked at Larry and asked, "Anything new I should know about before I enter?"
Larry thought for a moment. "...nope. Nothing you haven't faced before. Just...keep an eye out for the breakable floors. You don't want your life to end so soon, do you?" reply. Larry turned to look for Spike, only to be alone on top of the TV. I wonder how much of that he heard? he thought as he entered the TV.
Both ghost and dragon appeared at the same time. So
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Spike: Chapter 5
Cemetery, 1:15 AM
Spike staggered to a hiding spot. He just had to think that thought, didn't he? One minute, he was on top of the proverbial world, the next he's at Gary's door. He accidentally headbutted a TV, which somehow caused him to lose his fire, ran a gauntlet of Frankies and Jeffs, (which accounted for most of his current scars) and lost any sense of direction he might've had. He looked around, hoping to find something, ANYTHING that could get him back into top shape. But alas, the moon did not reveal anything useful.
Larry finally appeared beside him and said, "Good thing this isn't timed, or you'd be in a lot of trouble."
Spike's eyes couldn't lock on to the ghost, but he could still speak. ""
Larry shook his head. "Nope. But I found something that may be what you need."
Spike groaned as he got up, still aching from everything, and followed Larry to the best of his ability. Though, when one can't walk 10 yards without tripping over the
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Spike: Chapter 4
Cemetery, 1:00 am
As he expected, the world materialized quickly. Unexpectedly, there was nothing standing between Spike and Frankie. A quick flick of the tail, and the enemy was disposed of. It was here that Spike saw something very strange. A stump. But not any old stump. This one would open its mouth and a skull would pop out! It would travel a ways up, then come down, into the maw of the stump, which would close for a moment before restarting the cycle. Curiously, Spike tail-whipped the skull as hard as he could. Instead of de-rezzing as he had expected, he sent it flying. It flew far before finally steering to the ground. There was a smack in the distance.
"I think I got something!" Spike yelled. He jumped over the stump, unaware that its maw was open once again. A skull knocked Spike off-balance in air (yes, it's possible). His body was went spinning before he landed face-up on the ground.
"Oh, you got something, alright," Larry chuckled. He made an "I Love Rock N' Roll" sign wit
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Spike: Chapter 3
Cemetery, 12:48 am
Larry paced around the camera for quite a while. In hindsight, he probably should've warned Spike about Heli's tendency to self-destruct when their attachments were removed. Then again, the look on his face was absolutely priceless. Man, he hated when emotions conflicted like that. Before he could start looking around again, he saw the camera's red light blink twice. Then, in a flash of light, Spike appeared.
"So, did you have fun?" Larry asked, completely serious.
"Depends. Would you like to talk to Death and convince him not to use you as a test subject for his newest scythe?" Spike replied.
" No, I wouldn't."
"Didn't think so." Spike looked around, remembering this was the place that TV decided to become an impromptu firework. But he forgot which way they were supposed to travel. He was about to ask Larry, when a bony hand appeared out of the ground and pointed right. Then another hand came out and handed Spike a letter. He took it and read it with ea
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Spike Chapter 2.5
Cemetery, Midnight
Spike wasn't doing so well. Between learning the rules of this new world, worrying over his friends' safety (especially Rarity's) and trying to breathe after his...encounter...with Frankie, he really wished Larry would just go away. He also wouldn't mind something to eat. He got his wish a moment later, with a diamond in sight! Granted, it was small, but right now, anything would sate his appetite. Without waiting for Larry's approval or disapproval, he ate the diamond. Just as tasty as it was back in Ponyville! Plus, the gem seemed to have special abilities. The pain in Spike's stomach went away, his breathing back to normal. Did all the gems do that?
"Very nice. Feel better?" Larry seemed...bored. As if he expected this to happen.
"A lot," Spike replied. "Man, I gotta keep a supply of that on me."
"Well, here's a tip about those. Not all of them heal you."
"How do you know that?"
"Just keep going. I'll explain when we find another gem of yours."
Spike kept walking.
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Spike: Chapter 2
Cemetery, 11:30 PM
Spike groaned as he got to his feet. Why today? Why did today have to be the day everyone relied on him? Shaking off his dizziness, he noticed something strange. The ground was further away.  He looked down to make sure he didn't land on anyone. No, it couldn't be that simple. He was taller. His arms and legs were just as long as they were on the day after his birthday. He looked at his tail, surprised its length had increased, too. "What happened to me?" Spike asked allowed. He clutched his throat as he realized: It was the same as it was that day, too.
Please, oh please don't let it be greed, the dragon thought. He'd already caused a lot of mayhem once because of it, and he didn't want to repeat the experience. Ever. "Calm down, you're healthy and not greedy," a voice said. Spike looked around wildly. In spite of the fact it sounded close by, he couldn't see the source. "W-where are you?" Spike yelled. "Show yourself!"
"Would if I could, but
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Spike: Chapter 1
The Dome, Time Unknown
Larry moaned as he woke up from his sleep. He remembered the hand grabbing him and his friends and pulling all 7 of them into his TV. They fell into the static void, and then...blank. He had no idea when he blacked out, or how. But he also noted that he was short a friend. Or two. Scratch that, EVERYONE was missing! Larry surveyed his surroundings. He was on a catwalk, it seemed. Looking over the edge, it looked like a lot of high-tech stuff. Turning behind him, he saw a huge satellite, with four colored beacons hitting the top. He decided to walk around and find the sources of the beacons.
No sooner had he started walking did he crash into someone. Literally. He tripped and fell face first onto the ground. "Hey, what was that for?!?" a voice yelled. Strange. It didn't sound like his friend. Larry got up to confront the voice, but didn't see anyone. He looked all around before the voice said, "Down here, big guy." Larry looked down and saw a small, purple-scaled
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Spike: Prologue
Larry's Home, 5 PM
"C'mon, what did you bring us here for?" Josh asked impatiently. He, along with 5 other friends, had been sitting in Larry's living room. Each one knew Larry was eccentric, always modifying electronic devices, but he usually wasn't so subtle about it. His cell phone? Big enough to be a registered weapon. Laptop? Ate enough electricity to power a small town. But today's modified device...didn't look so different.
In front of the 6 curious faces and beside the resident mad tech scientist was a normal, 42" box TV. Nothing more, it seemed. Larry cracked his knuckles before finally speaking. "Gentlemen, behold! What you see before you is a seemingly normal, 42" box TV! case you didn't know, it has been MODIFIED! This box TV can allow you to watch any show in 3-D! No glasses necessary!" Larry gave off his evil scientist laugh, with as much gusto as always. His friends, however, gave no immediate reaction.
"Larry, is this some kind of f***ing joke?" Ronnie asked.
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Glitched CH13: Buried Secrets
"So let me get this straight," Mikey began, "the two of you are looking for an artifact hidden in a cave, one that was pointed out on a map that just happened to be outside your tent one night, you took down what could be said to be the equivilant of Sephiroth without so much as breaking a sweat, the Kishidan have deemed you two as wanted men, and you just dealt with a group of trolls guarding the bridge that leads to Bowerstone."
"In a nutshell, yes," Arron replied. "That is an excellent summary."
"And you two are not worried that WE'LL turn you in for that bounty because...?" Jenny asked.
"If we were worried about that," Ronnie remarked, "why would we even be asking to help you two?"
"Well, when you put it like that..." Jenny chuckled sheepishly.
"Listen, I know it's a lot to deal with, but can we please get back to the task on hand?" Arron asked.
The four had walked into a graveyard of bad reputation. Bad in that when you walked in, you never walk out. Of course, you know they'll fi
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Glitched CH12: The Meeting
Blackfire yawned as she woke up. She had no idea what commands to give now. With thoughts of mutiny, failure, and idiocy abound, she feared she would never achieve her goal. Already, her number one defense, Terror, had fallen. Kishidan would no doubt start becoming suspicious of the town. Why couldn't they, with their biggest obstacle out of their way? And the two still haven't been captured. She was never given names, either, so she didn't know anything about them. To make a long story short (I know, too late), everything was falling apart.
She took a stroll through the castle. Guards were in their normal spots. Good, the castle could still be defended. Minions were uneasy (more than usual). Not good. Bad morale meant bad performances. Blackfire sighed. No one, not her minions, not her trusted lieutenant (yes, she has one, he's just been busy), not even the original builders, none of them knew of the secret armory she carved. She made her way to the secret armory, making sure no one f
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Glitched CH11: Heroes' Eyes
"This is starting to piss me off," Ronnie muttered.
"What's starting to piss you off?" Arron asked.
"All these missed moments of awesome!" Ronnie said. "We're kicking ass and taking names, and no one even hears of our…our…"
"Yeah, there you go. No one ever hears of our exploits. What are those?"
Arron rubbed the bridge of his nose. Sometimes he just couldn't stand how dense everyone else was. "For lack of a better word, our adventures. Does that work?" Arron said.
"Meh, I'll take your word for it," Ronnie shrugged.
Suddenly, a voice crackled, as if it came from a radio. The two heroes looked at each other in confusion. "Was that you?" they said in unison.
It crackled again. This time, they heard, "…Come in…Ar…onni…"
"Sounds a bit muffled," Arron muttered. "Ronnie, you have a walkie-talkie or something on you?"
"No, just my gear," Ronnie replied. He pulled out the red GBA and added, "and the good old…Game…Boy?"
"…you left it on ag
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Glitched CH10: Dark Intentions
We now jump 24 hours into the future to avoid boring, insignificant details about the story thus far.
"Thank God!" Ronnie sighed. "I was tired of being a tiger-man."
"Meh, I wanted to be a gecko a bit longer," Arron shrugged.
"Then why not use the goggles?" Ronnie asked.
"Just in case I need a quick disguise, I have it ready," Arron replied.
They were now at the beach, close to the bridge that led to Bowerstone. They didn't find much resistance for some reason. They found the bridge without even raising an alarm.
"Amazing, huh?" Ronnie asked. "The sweet smell of things going your way..." He took in a fresh breath of air and sighed.
"...and ramen?" Arron said.
"Yes, especially ramen," Ronnie nodded with a smile. "We now cross the bridge in our never-ending quest for..."
"Hold it, hold it!" Arron yelled. "This can't be a never-ending quest!"
"Aww, why not? I like never-ending quests," Ronnie replied.
"That's the problem," Arron explained. "They never end. We'll be looking until volcanoes
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Glitched CH9: Seaside Glance
"We should recap again," Ronnie said.
"Let's not, and say we did," Arron replied.
"What are you two talking about?" Grace asked.
"Bad memory?" Tedd guessed.
"It's nothing," Arron answered. "What we wanna know is more about our new gear."
"Ok!" Grace said with a smile. "Well, the gauntlet and goggles, as you know, allow you to transform yourselves into a tiger and gecko, respectively. The transformations have a time limit of 24 hours, and can be kept, even if the items are taken off. But, you can revert back to normal by hitting the same button that transformed you. Also, until the time limit has passed, you can't transform back into an animal. And lastly, your clothes will NOT fit your new body's form, so it's a good idea to either change clothes or get rid of them entirely after you've changed."
There was another knock at the door as Grace finished her explanation. Tedd sighed and said, "Twice in one day? Kishidan must want you two badly. At least you two can introduce yourselves. Got
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Glitched CH8: New Toys
Ok, here's the summary of what's happened so far. Arron and Ronnie have met Tedd and Grace and now know what is going on. Mac and Molly are robots who are after them so they can claim the bounty, only to screw up and have one placed on them. Blackfire is getting desperate for a plan to rid her of all obstacles so she can finally obtain the Blade of a Thousand Lives. What will happen? We find out today.
Tedd opened the door to find 3 blue armored soldiers and a young man. The man was white haired, dark skinned, and wore a green chest plate with a dark colored undershirt, fur gauntlets, light brown pants, and dark brown shoes. The blue soldiers stood at attention, as if waiting for his orders. Tedd, however, wasn't intimidated. "Captain Laru Branshen," he said, "what brings you here today?"
"The Kishidan have identified two individuals that entered this house as those from the wanted poster," the man replied. "We were wondering if they were still around."
Tedd closed his eyes as if to th
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Glitched CH7: How Deep?
"I can't believe we have a bounty on our heads!" Mac yelled. "We haven't even done anything evil since we got here!"
"Not for lack of trying, anyway," Molly muttered quietly.
"I expected to have their heads on a platter, get the gold, and we can live in peace in some dirt town, taunting the locals, but no! We have to go into hiding BECAUSE WE'RE..."
"Will you keep your voice down, Mac?!?" Molly finally snapped. "Damn, you'll give us away if you keep that up."
"Hold it right there!" a voice exclaimed
"...I stand corrected," Molly sighed. "You've already given us away."
A group of 10 people surrounded the duo. The group was varied: some wore blue armor, some wore black. Others wore red, while the only one that stood out other than the captain wore gold. The captain stood in the shadows, so it was difficult to make out exactly who, or what, he was. He nodded toward the gold-armored soldier. The soldier pulled out the wanted poster with Mac and Molly's faces on it, and read out loud, "You
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Okay, first critique, let's see if I can do this right. First off, love the setting. We have a nice picnic with tea, honey, Paddington ...


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Yep, I've been writing up some fluff for a Facebook group I'm part of, revolving around fighting, football, and frantic dice rolls. And with four divisions of eight teams each, there is quite a lot of content for seven weeks worth of material! So the question is: who would be willing to read up on the skeletal Quintus Cain's highlights as he shows off just how crazy-ridiculous it could get?


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